Saturday, September 1, 2012


Today's blog is brought to you by the color yellow! This morning has been all about the word yellow. EVERYTHING is YELLOW! I think it is pretty funny because he was on the phone with my sister and she would say something and the response was yellow. I walked into the kitchen asked if he wanted some milk and his response was "yellow". He climbed up on top of his cozy cab and turned the light and fan off and on shrieking "yellow", "yellow", "yellow"! I just got up and realized he also reset our thermostat and daddy would be proud he had it set for 85 in here!

I am glad I can sit and laugh at his quirks. I know some days it brings me down but lately especially today the make me laugh. With him having Echolalia he will just randomly throw out phrases or words that he has heard at some point. Sometimes they just come out of no where. Even though he won't often answer me or if he does it is something that makes no sense or out of left field I ask him because he has to work on learning the give and take of conversation.

I can ask him what he wants to do today and his off the wall response makes me smile. I said lets go play legos and he says "Yellow momma" I gather up all the yellow legos and show him that yellow actually has a meaning besides being his favorite thing to say over and over. I get the yellow balls we throw them in his ball pit and let him know that those balls are yellow. Every day and everything is a learning experience for us now. Good thing that degree of mine is in early childhood education. I was beginning to think it might go to waste ha ha!

Some people don't understand why I say he is non verbal. I say that only because 9 out of 10 times if he was asked a question he would either babble an answer, respond with something that was irreverent and on that 10th time he would say or respond with an appropriate response. I mean unless you folks want to qualify him as verbal when he says his name is Schatzie or of course Yellow. Seeing has he does not know his name or who he is maybe I could switch his name to Yellow. Yellow Tyler Thomas!

I do love that he has Echolalia it gives me hope for speech later on. I love hearing his voice even if that means I have to hear yellow or egg and of course momma over and over and over. Oh ya right now everything is EGG! I pulled out the eggs however to make him some and he of course he doesn't acutally want the the eggs. I mean of course what sense would that make! So every time I go in the kitchen he tells me egg.

Well it's time for Mr. Yellow and Mr. Egg to head off for a nap. Maybe he will come up with some new words when he wakes up. Maybe he will wake up in a better mood. Talk about crabby pants. I gave him a pb cookie so hopefully that perks him up. Don't judge at least the kid is eating!