Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fragile. Handle with....

So happy birthday little guy. Today your turned 2 years old. Today is a birthday we probably won't forget because it was pretty memorable. I should be up for mother of the year after scheduling this apt today! Thankfully he is 2 and probably won't remember this so I guess I am off the hook for now when it comes to being the root of my son's evil when he ends up on a therapists couch years from now because he is all screwed up ha ha ha!

Today we headed to Lubbock to meet with a Pediatric Behavioral Specialist regarding the problems H has been having. Honestly by the time we got to the doctors office part of me wanted to turn around and go home because I felt that he was fine and I was losing my mind it was all in my head. I figured Chris would kill me for saying lets go home so I sat waiting patiently for the doctor to come see us. I swear it was forever before she came in but it was only about 10 minutes efore she was in and got to work.

We discussed all of the notes I came with. She appreciated how thorough we have been when it comes to tracking everything. I guess it has made it easier to come up with a diagnosis and such for him. I have never seen him take to a new person like he took to her. She let him climb all over her and play with all her neat doctor stuff. He ended up taking the stethoscope to his head and leaving a nice bruise! She was calm and gentle letting him explore each item before using it to put him more at ease. Her bedside manner with him was fantastic.

She said something to us that hit me like a rock "You have a very special boy who really has me baffled" Great we stumped the specialist! Actually she had just never seen it present itself in this way before. She said Fragile X. I looked at her and looked at Chris. I had seen it but not read about it because I was completely focused on the Spectrum and nothing else. H has A LOT of characteristics. He also displays A LOT of ASD also. With that we were told to go over to the hospital to get blood work done for some genetic testing and to confirm her diagnosis. As soon as we got in the car I pulled up Fragile X. What I read astounded me. My son minus 2 things fit the bill perfectly for this disorder. I began to cry. How did I miss this? Why didn't I think of that? When I read Fragile X in other spectrum articles I over looked it because of the name. I figured it had to do with something that was way out in left field.

Fragile X -  H does not have the low muscle tone and long face but everything else fits. A simple DNA test ( 8 vials of blood later) to rule it out. She is pretty convinced this is it. Until the test results come back we will stay on our course of therapy and then add to it once we hear back. We go back in January for another apt to see were we are at. At this time he will almost be 2.5 and she said it would be very clear cut how severe of a disability we are looking at.

After all this mind blowing information we put it off to the side and focused on H's birthday. We went to lunch and took him to the mall, which was nice and big and just let him go. He enjoyed it. We are heading home now to spend the rest of the evening by the pool. We are going to spend the rest of our evening focusing our on our son not our diagnosis. This won't define my child it will only  be an answer to the means of helping him. Happy birthday sweet boy. We love you so much