Wednesday, March 7, 2012

News and such

Last week our little H had his 18 months check up. I have to really process that because I honestly can not believe it has been 18months. We met with our new pediatrician and I will admit I was nervous because for the last year we had been on base. We loved Capt. Hodge she was great with H but looking back I think H was a bit more for her to take on. I know she did her best but after this apt I really feel confident about the switch we made. H is 31 inches and 22.4 lbs. Still of course on the super small size but he is getting there. As for speech he is actually not as behind as we believed. She told me age adjusted he is 16 months plus boys don't start speaking until 18 months so hopefully by late spring we will see an explosion in his vocabulary and if not at his check up in August we will then start speech. His Escema looked good and his breathing was not to bad. He of course had a cough but nothing either one of us thought much of. He got a few shots and was treated with a Dum Dum sucker.
We put our new doctor to the test and Chris and I both agreed she passed ha ha. The following day H developed a high fever and 2 back to back asthma attacks. They got us in right away and after a few minutes we realized poor guy had RSV! Breathing treatments and steroids for the weekend. By Sunday we where at the ER. Did I mention our new doctor sees children on Saturdays and emergency hours on Sunday! We had just missed the doctor on Sunday so they told us to get to the ER. Got there around 4 and around 6pm the first round of roid rage hit and scared me. I had never seen him like this. Sadly we were out in the waiting room and I had no one to help me figure out what to do. Finally after about 30 minutes he fell asleep. I hated the people that stared at us. Who they hell are they? I was so irritated with these people looking at me with judging eyes. I just held my baby close and sang his favorite song. One lady did come up and tell me I must have the patience of a saint to not lose my cool when he was like that. She wanted to take him from me to give me a break but she had been having seizures and figured it wasn't a good idea. It was a nice gesture and made me feel a bit better that she understood my baby was sick and could not help his behavior.
About 8pm we finally got a room, saw a crappy doc, watched 3 nurses hold down my baby in another roid rage fit, my dear friend showed up to support, and I realized said crappy doctor was nothing more was a jerk and I was right and he was wrong. We found out the following day he was not a very attentive doctor and missed that his O2 saturation where low and that his white count was pretty high. He apparently needed more IV fluids and antibiotics. Thankfully the next day we got antibiotics. His breathing is doing better. now.
Through all this we are now seeing a Pulminologist out of Ft. Worth in June. This is pretty big news for us because for a while now we have been pushing for further intervention. and help for H. Well after a visit with our new doctor she was on the same page and agreed. That was a huge relief  and it really did lift a weight off of us.
Spring break is next week. I am so excited the kids are coming. I am missing them so much. We have some fun things planned. I know the week will go by fast I am just glad I am on leave to make this time with them more fun.  Of course I do work Friday but Chris will be on duty and I am sure they will have fun with him.  The kids are doing great in school. Nothing but good reports and good grades. Sean is on the Science team and having a great time with it. He is doing Choir also and according to Myranda he is having a great time with it. I will have to have him show off his stuff while he is here.  The girls have contemplated returning to skating. I hope they do I know how much fun they have when they where doing it. Of course they have a new love and it is roller skating. The usually go to White Rock where we used to go as kids. I am so glad that place is still around. for them to enjoy.
Well now that the dogs are barking like mad, H is up from his nap and Grey's is distracting me I should probably get up and get ready for work. I must say I still love my job. The hours have not been great the last few weeks but with a sick kid I guess it partially falls on me. But I work with some great ladies so its all good. So for now this is our update. Hope everyone is well. Catch up with another blog soon I am sure!