Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So I really have been meaning to write and catch everyone up on whats going on but well as we all know life happens!

let me back up to last Thursday when we went to Hannah's play. For those of you on facebook you have probably already seen my 60 or so pictures from that night. I love programs at Sean and Hannah's school because they are all done in sign language and its just so fun to watch. Ella Grace had a total blast she loved learning all the songs and really was into it. The evening was wonderful and all the 1st graders did a wonderful job! The rest of the evening how ever was um not so wonderful. About an hour aftter we arrived home thats when I noticed it ugh the worst thing I could have possibly notice! I am so embarassed I debated on even writing about it but I figured ugh why not what is the worst that can happen right?! So I notice Hannah scratching and I thought man she did that a lot today. So I called her into the bathroom not really even sure what I was looking for but I think somehow I knew really what it was. Ugh and yes there it was the most disgusting dreaded thing any parent can think of...... LICE! OMG what a nasty disgusting thought! Not my baby not my clean clean little baby. But of course I know thats just a an old wives tale that really it seeks out the clean hair and leaves the dirty head kids alone! so I panic and get upset. I call my lil Ellie bean into the bathroom and sure enough on her to! Ugh sweet Jesus what the heck is going on ?!! I start to panic and freak what do I do what do I do?!!!! Since its late and I am not to focused I make Jason go to the store and buy mayo lots and lots of mayo. I don't know I think he got 3 jars but I think I told him we would need one for each head. Yes I was going to use a jar on me to! Jason thought I had lost my mind and I said its 9pm just get the damn mayo and I will strip everything down! So I over estimated on the mayo I think one jar was sufficent for the 3 of us. We al sat with mayo and saran wrap in our hair Hannah said she felt like a hamburger, Ella felt like a sandwich and I felt like a damn fool and was very irritated. After a while of letting it sit in our hair and stripping down the beds and everythign else I washed each child gave them specific instructions on how and where to sleep and around I think 1am or so the hoopla of this whole night came to a close and finally went to sleep. By the way that over the counter stuff is great and all a bit expensive but if you have never done this before be well aware that it takes a few hours to complete the whole process. Its not fun at all I spend the next day living it!

Saturday was uneventful really. I babysat and purchased items needed for the big shindig of Ella Grace's the next day. I still needed time to recover from the last 24 hours of fun. I spent a little bit of time with my sister Cammie. I also made a nice purchase for Ellie I bought her a big girl Disney Princess bike for her birthday which I knew would totally make her day!

Sunday was the day of the party and wow it was awesome. Ella had a blast and so did her friends and our family. It was all we could have hoped for. Ella got some great gifts and enjoyed riding her new bike. Now its time to write some thank you cards!

This week went by quick and I am glad. That means closer to the time Chris comes home. Some excitement this week....... Ella Grace decided it was a great idea to place a rock in her ear! ya you read right she put a rock in her ear! She and a friend decided to listen to music and thought the rocks made good earbuds! After some panicing and questioning I finally made an attempt to remove it. It took two tries but I got it out. Ella was a bit terrified but she got over it. I hope she has learned a lesson from that. Hannah had an exciting week. She was selected to represent one of the six pillar of their community. This is a huge deal and we are so proud. She was exemplifying the Caring pillar! Her teachers direct quote was "She's a sweet sweet girl! Very considerate of others, and it doesn't go unnoticed." I am very proud of her.

Well I started this post on Wednesday and I finally got around to completing it. Some stuff came up and I just lost my motivation to write. I am doing better now thankfully. Well I will wrap this up. Have a great weekend folks. Mine is sure to be busy.