Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A few updates and venting!

  • I got a call from the contractor who does work on my place and well holey cow he came out on Tuesday morning and checked out everything and once we get an estimate I will know for sure if I am staying or moving!
  • Being at the center of a rumor sucks and really seems highly inappropriate when its at a place I am a customer at and that I do not air my private life at. And honestly to confront someone who has just recently dealt with a loss to ask if you are getting married is really tacky and well rude. I have half a mind to speak with the GM of this place and let her know my feelings of this matter.
  • The nightmares of Ella Grace's party are slowly going away now that I know I will not be totally broke and poor once its all said and done and ya know 40 some odd preschoolers won't be that bad right?! I mean I am not the one dealing with this party that's what those teenage party hosts are for!
  • Not that I don't already have a count down going but um 3 weeks and 6 days till Chris is here!
  • A very special friend just suffered a very sad loss and its making me very down because this person really really deserves all the happiness life has to offer and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her husband in this really sad time.
  • despite my breakdown Monday during teacher insv. I am really doing much better about coping with the loss of my brother. I know that with time it will heal my wounds. And he will for ever be in my heart and mind.

I think that is about all for tonight. wow that was short and sweet. I actually wanted to write more but Ella Grace has her boyfriend/best friend Brooklyn here for the night since his mom is going out of town and she needed help with him. This I tell you has been the cutest evening. Seeing as the refere to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and um I think if I heard correctly they have a baby! Great look out Octomom Ellie is gunna be catching up to ya. And yes Brittany sadly I think we are the worlds youngest grandparents now. I tell ya what though they do make a cute couple!

Well nite nite folks. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I am just glad tomorrow is Thursday. Oh ya I will post pictures both here and FB of Hannah's 1st grade program!