Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It could happen to you...

Since the start of the year it has been filled with up's and down's. More so than any other year I can ever recall. This says a lot because I have gone through a lot in my adult years but this one sure is one for the records. While it has not been the picture of perfection it has given us a lot to be thankful for and a lot to learn from. 
At the start of the summer life had become tough, so tough we had no idea where we were going to end up and what was going to happen. Good people, LOTS of good people were looking out for us and helped pull us through that very tough time. Thankfully those tough times have been put behind us and we move forward once again. Those tough times however brought to light things we needed to focus on and helped us realize what we need to do make sure that we don't encounter this again. 
With that said this year has been full of pleasant surprises and lots of good news. In March I was nominated for employee of the quarter not only for my center but for my squadron, group and the overall base. I ended up receiving that in each category. I have been told this puts me in the running for employee of the year for my category which would be even more awesome. In April we were granted money to obtain several things for H. We got his riding covered along with much needed therapy items. H also got into the PPCD program at Head Start which we were very thrilled about because we knew he needed extra help and this was exactly what we had hoped he would get. Just recently I took on a lead preschool teaching role and I have been so excited about the opportunities it has given me.
I think however the icing on the cake for all of this was the phone call I received this morning. I generally put my phone on airplane mode when I am at work to preserve the battery. As I flipped my phone back into working mode I noticed a VM. I assumed it was Sean's school notifying me of the schedule change etc. However it was a lady from KTXS tv station here in Abilene. I at first thought this was in reference with stuff I am doing with TLC so I just sort of backed out of my parking spot and proceeded to get my lunch. However as I continued to list I realized this was not exactly about TLC this was about ME! 
It turns out someone, possibly my husband, nominated me for WTU Electric volunteer of the year award. I am now one of the five finalists. They talked about my work with TLC, Reach and my own group The Spectrum Connection. How I work full time, go to school and have my own special needs child and give my time to help those in the community all at the same time. I started crying and shaking. I had never before ever been nominated or considered for something like this so to be a finalist to me is HUGE! 
I spoke to KTXS this evening and we discussed a tentative plan for next week. They want to come out to TLC see what we do, meet my family and see what it is I do. So I will know by Thursday what exactly will be going on. This segment will air a few times till the winner is announced. They will have all of us on sharing our story. I have no idea if this is a voting process or what but still I just feel honored to be top 5 right now. 
So what do I get if I win you might ask? I personally get nothing. The Legacy Complex will get a very much needed $5,000 award. That to me is enough of a prize so I am perfectly ok with that! TLC has done so much for our community I am excited to know that they very well could be given this award me. 
So now that I am starting to come down from this amazing high I need to start focusing and thinking about what I am going to do next. I want this to be the most amazing interview that captures everything that I think matters to myself and my family. I want to make sure our special needs community is given the recognition it needs. This is something I don't think in a million years I could have ever dreamed could happen so for now I am just going to relish in this moment!