Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear ECI

With only two weeks left with our ECI team I started thinking of what their dedication and services have done for not only our H but for our family.

Dear Staci, Becky, Starla and the rest of the team who has spent time helping us with H,
Here we are just a few weeks away from our last weeks with you, two to be exact. This is just almost to hard to write because part of me in still in denial our services with you will be ending soon. 18 months ago we started our journey with you. I was unsure of what would even come of our initial consultation, if anyone would even see the need for it or if I was just a paranoid mom who forgot what it was like to raise a toddler boy.
In May of 2012 we began this journey. I have saved every print off that I was given from the first 6 months prior to our first appointment to gain a actual diagnosis. I often look at those on days where I think things are not going well and look and see just how far we have come. Sometimes it's those actual notes that completely keep me motivated in doing what I do for H. When I see how bad it was and how much work was needing to be done and then I know everything we have gone through was for a purpose. I would not change any of it.
The day we headed out for our first diagnosis I just remember the support Staci gave and told me to be strong. If it didn't go well we could always ask for a second opinion. At the end of the day I called her in tears at the possible diagnosis and I remember Staci saying we will just do what we have always done he is still the same child no matter what the diagnosis. We also ended up going with that second opinion. I am so glad to this day we did that.
As we have moved on I feel our team has bonded and grown together. We have laughed together, cried together, and certainly felt beyond frustrated together. My team has become like family to us. I count on these visits and consults like I count on visits with my own family. I know that H has grown to count on his weekly Tuesday visits with Ms. Staci. His eyes light up at the mention of her name. Maybe we can work out some visits or something. Hint, hint Ms. Staci!
So now we are two weeks away from his 3rd birthday. On the 29th of this month he will begin school and his transition to preschool. Staci will have one last visit with him just a few days prior to him being 3. She will have seen him grow from a young toddler to a preschooler. She was a major part of this transformation and the progress he has made. We are forever grateful.
I have no idea if there are enough gifts and thank yous in this world to let the team that worked with us know how much we appreciate what they have done for us. The doors they have opened up. The changes that were made. I just hope our team realizes just how much they mean to us and that we could not have done this without them. The are my miracle workers and I just hope that other families realize just how valuable these ladies are and how much they love doing what they do. They truly want to help families and see these children grow and succeed in life.
Thank you so much again. We will miss you so much.
The Thomas family!